26 January 2017

Fashion Junkies: How to Perfectly ROCK That Denim Dress Like A Star


Denim never goes out of fashion.

Luckily for some of us who love the denim on denim outfits but cannot rock it like Kim Kardashian and the other celebs, the simple denim dress is available for us.

And the fun part is there are endless styles to choose from, because there are lots of variations when it comes to denim dresses. Some are long, short, slouchy, hippy / boho chic, tight, buttoned, pinafore…the list is endless.

Denim colour has almost become a neutral colour and can be combined with all tones and garments, they can be worn for both formal and informal occasions depending on how you accessorize.

The style of this dress is the kind you could easily dress up or dress down for summer, and at such it is one of the must haves for summer.

There are a lot of ways you can wear your denim dress. You can opt to wear it like a man’s shirt with your heels , but a wedge, sandals (gladiators will look chic), sneakers or ankle boots won’t be bad if you want to keep the look casual and not too glam but s*xy and very feminine.

Sometimes all you need is a simple belt or you can even use a scarf as a belt to either accessorize, define your waist or to give you a slender look.

If you are not a leggy person or don’t like to show your legs you can wear your denim dress over a pair of leggings.

For whatever type of look you want to achieve, you should not leave out the accessories like scarves, hats, necklaces or large earrings, rings and bracelets and so on. But always remember less is more and keep it comfy.

Here are some styles to choose from…CLICK to SHOP.

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