26 September 2016

Fadi Daboussi’s lawyer threatens to sue BNI

fadi-daboussiMr Hassan Tampuli, lawyer for detained Ghanaian-Lebanese pilot, journalist and author Fadi Daboussi, has said he intends suing Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for arresting and detaining his client beyond 48hours.

Mr Daboussi, a known critic of Mr Mahama and a perceived supporter of Ghana’s main opposition New Patriotic Party and its flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo landed in Ghana from Lebanon on Friday, 23 September aboard an Egypt Air flight. BNI officials arrested him upon touching down at the Kotoka International Airport for offensive conduct against President John Mahama.

Fadi Daboussi is the author of ‘59 years of Ghana to Nowhere: The future is Now,’ a book that pushes for a change in leadership in Ghana. Mr Daboussi’s lawyer, Hassan Tampuli, told Accra-based Joy FM that his client was detained upon an invitation by the Director of BNI, Yaw Donkor.

“I have been to the office of the BNI and I was denied access to him. I was told the officer responsible for the case was not in the office and that I can only have access to him on Monday,” Mr Tampuli said.

Meanwhile, Mr Daboussi’s arrest has sparked a firestorm on Twitter and Facebook through the hashtag #FreeFadiNow with some critics accusing the Mahama administration of intolerance. His home was ransacked by the BNI and several copies of his book were seized.

He authored a book that was very critical of the current government? Is that his crime? Praying for @dabboussi_fadi.

Mahama does not deserve to be a leader. He is too sensitive about criticism.


The exercise of arbitrary power through the BNI is a defeatist tendency.

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