11 August 2017

Explosive book lifts lid on Kardashians claiming ‘momager’ Kris was pimped out to rich men, abused daughters Kim and Kourtney and says husband Robert had sex with Priscilla Presley while Elvis was on the phone to her

THEY are famous simply for being famous – but before the ­Kardashians became the stage-managed stars of reality TV, their lives were a car crash of sex, scandal and bust-ups.

Now a sensational new book chronicled today by The Sun lifts the lid on the scandalous dynasty founded by Kris Jenner and her first husband Robert Kardashian.

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Jerry Oppenheimer’s new book about the Kardashian dynasty alleges ‘momager’ Kris Jenner abused Kim and Kourtney[/caption]

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New book claims Robert Kardashian was obsessed with Priscilla Presley – pictured during their relationship in 1976[/caption]

The Kardashians: An American Drama claims Kim Kardashian’s father Robert was obsessed with Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla, her mum Kris cheated constantly — and the real father of her sister Khloe is ­disgraced sports star OJ Simpson.

Author Jerry Oppenheimer tells how Robert, who became famous as ­Simpson’s legal advisor in the 1990s, tried to turn Kris into his obedient partner.

The lawyer was obsessed with sci-fi thriller The Stepford Wives in which sinister men turn their lovers into beautiful robots to do all the housework and provide sex on tap.

So millionaire Robert set about “programming” his working-class girlfriend, named Kris Houghton at the time. He even sent her self-help audio tapes on how to throw a party and decorate a house.

Kris, a beautiful teenager from the rough part of San Diego, must have seemed like an ideal candidate to groom into a model wife.

Kris and Robert on their wedding day


Kris holds daughter Khloe next to Rob who the new book claims is not her real father[/caption]

Her alcoholic father had walked out when she was seven, leaving her to the care of her formidable grandmother and her mum Mary Jo.

But Robert underestimated Kris — who has since amassed a £35million fortune in becoming the successful “momager” of daughter Kim.

A pal told Oppenheimer that she was the dominant one in the relationship, adding: “It backfired on him.”

Kris’s mum was determined her daughter would marry a rich man.

High school pal Joan Zimmerman thought Mary Jo was “kind of pimping her out” when the 17-year-old started a relationship with golf pro Cesar Sanudo, who was more than ten years her senior.

But Kris was bowled over when she first met Robert, the son of a wealthy meat-packing magnate and one of Beverly Hills’s most eligible bachelors, at a horse racing track.

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Kardashian kids Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob pull faces for the camera[/caption]

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Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in family snap[/caption]

She was soon cheating on Cesar with the handsome Armenian-American with the streak of grey in his slicked-back hair.

He was also smitten and proposed just three weeks after she split from Cesar. But Kris knocked him back.

Robert soon had his sights set on Priscilla Presley. Elvis’s ex-wife is described as “kinky” in the book.

Oppenheimer writes: “While he was making love to Priscilla, she would get incoherent phone calls from Elvis. She would put the receiver on the pillow and let him listen.”

Priscilla later ended their relationship by saying: “I’m not going to marry anyone until Elvis dies.”

Robert rekindled his romance with Kris, who was by then working as an air hostess. The pair married in 1978 and Robert paid for her every need — including a boob job.

But he was soon angered by her extravagance, raging after one shopping spree: “Can you f***ing believe that? Who needs a belt for $3,000?”

Kris gushed that Robert was her “prince.” But that didn’t stop her jumping into bed with LA Heat soccer player Todd Waterman, who was 11 years her junior.

Kris had her first four children — Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob — before relations with Robert soured.

Robert’s childhood pal Joni Migdal said: “Kris was coming home at two and three in the ­morning drunk.

“She would tell Robert, ‘I have four kids and I have not lived life.’ ”

Kris said she and Todd had sex in cars, in a closet, on a tennis court, in a pool house and in a garage. Pals caught them bonking in a gym.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians 10 Year Anniversary Special

She persuaded the footie player to rent a house in Malibu which she paid to furnish with Robert’s money.

And Kris even invited her 23-year-old lover into her family home.

Waterman later described playing tennis with footballer Justin Fashanu at their LA mansion while Robert looked on suspiciously.

Robert finally uncovered proof of their fling — receipts for purchases Kris had made for Waterman.

In a fury, he swung a golf club at the back of his love rival’s car. Waterman claimed: “I said: ‘Holy s***, Kris, can I pull over and ­confront him?’ She screamed: ‘No — he might have a gun.’ ”

Robert’s pal OJ also confronted Waterman, according to Oppenheimer, bellowing at him in a phone call: “You just f***ed Snow White. Now you’re going to have to deal with me.”

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Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian with younger brother Rob[/caption]


Robert Karshashian with his three girls on an Easter egg hunt[/caption]

He then told Kris to get a vibrator. Simpson had also been drawn into affair claims with Kris.

She and Robert were said to not have had sex during the time third child Khloe, who arrived in 1984, was conceived.

Robert’s pastor Kenn Gullikse said: “It was my strong impression that he loved Khloe very much. But he said it in a way that implied, ‘She’s not my blood daughter.’ ”

Simpson denies being the father.

Robert was unwilling to take a DNA test and said “whoever her father is . . . she is my child.”

Years later, his two subsequent wives Jan Ashley and Ellen ­Pierson said Robert claimed that Khloe was not his biological daughter.

The Kardashians finally divorced in 1991. Months later, Kris married Olympian Bruce Jenner.

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Robert Kardashian with convicted felon OJ Simpson during the infamous double-murder trial[/caption]

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(left to right) Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., Peter Neufeld, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, and Robert Blasier, seated at left[/caption]

She and Bruce — who now lives as Caitlyn — went on to have daughters Kendall and Kylie and star together in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kris was made executive producer of the reality TV series which premiered in 2007.

But the family’s first taste of fame came in 1994 when Simpson was arrested for the murders of ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

Robert supported his pal, showing up to court nearly every day as a member of the athlete’s legal team.

But ex-wife Kris, who had lost her friend Nicole, was “furious” with her ex’s defense of Simpson, who was acquitted.

Simpson later served time for armed robbery and kidnap. He is due to be released in October.

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There was further fallout when Kim became a bride for the first time aged 19 in 2000. Robert disapproved of her husband, music producer Damon Thomas.

They would divorce in 2003 — the same year doctors told Robert he had oesophageal cancer. He died eight weeks after the diagnosis. On his deathbed, Priscilla Presley phoned to tell Robert she loved him.

Oppenheimer added: “It brought tears to his eyes.”

Years later, after Robert’s kids became famous, his widow Ellen Pierson sold off excerpts of what was allegedly his diary. It described how Kris left the kids unattended while she “screwed all night”.

The diary also contained claims that Kris pulled Kourtney’s hair and twisted her arms. It alleged Kim had also been beaten.

Kris sued Pierson in 2013 insisting that Robert’s kids owned the diary’s copyright. Pierson filed for defamation and emotional distress.

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(left to right) Khloe Kardashian, former Olympian Bruce Jenner, T.V. personality Kimberly Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian[/caption]

Promo for the reality TV show that made the Kardashian's famous for being famous

The copyright claim was settled in 2014 and the Kardashians were awarded £64,000. Robert’s friend Larry Kraines says his pal would have been “proud as punch” of his girls today.

He said: “Would Robert have liked Kim’s sex tape? Probably not. But would he have liked the fact that they have made a tremendous amount of money? Definitely.”

Meanwhile, it seems his ambitious ex-wife is already planning the next move — running for political office, inspired by fellow reality TV star Donald Trump.

She reportedly said: “If Mr Weird Hair can do it, so can I.”

As with everything the Kardashians touch, it looks certain to be a ratings winner.

  • The Kardashians: An American Drama, by Jerry Oppenheimer, is ­published by St Martin’s Press on ­September 19.
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