21 July 2017

Essex villagers force 30 travellers to move their campsite by digging a trench and threatening to strand them there

ANGRY villagers forced a group of travellers to move on by digging a trench across the entrance to land they occupied – leaving them stranded.

Residents sprang into action after the 30-strong group pitched up on a farmer’s field in the village of West Bergholt, Essex on Wednesday afternoon and refused to leave.

East News Press Agency

An Essex villager surveys the scene from the trench that was dug across the entrance to a farmer’s field[/caption]

East News Press Agency

Cops were called to the scene of the dispute in West Bergholt, Essex[/caption]

After calling the cops and being told it would take them hours to attend they excavated the ground – preventing any more families from joining them and leaving the ones already there stuck.

Local Lois De’Ath said: “At 3.20pm two traveller caravans dismantled the field gate and pitched up on the field.

“Within minutes the owners of the land adjacent blocked the lane with vehicles and called the police.

“As the police did not arrive for several hours, the residents and villagers gathered and, after receiving legal advice, talked with the travellers.

“They were adamant they were staying put and had rights.”

But, after the trench was dug the travellers agreed to leave.

East News Press Agency

Travellers were prevented from leaving by villagers who dug a trench across the entrance to the field they occupied[/caption]

East News Press Agency

As well as preventing the travellers from leaving, the trench also stopped any further unwanted families from pitching up[/caption]

It was filled in and the group had moved on by 9pm.

Lois added: “This was a remarkable showing of community spirit and support.

“We are certain that if it had not been for the quick notice and actions of the Manor Road residents and local community members there would be a village under siege.”

It comes after we told how residents near a Derby park dug a trench to keep travellers out.

Oakwood Park in had become a magnet for gypsy families who returned again and again.

But residents took a stand and used an excavator to create the four foot deep obstacle they hope will keep them out for good.

Local Councillor Frank Harwood said: “There have been repeated attempts (by travellers) to move back onto the park.

“Consequently we have had to take action, city council have supported us. The trench has been built so they can’t come back this way and bollards have been put at the other entrances so they cannot come back.”

East News Press Agency

The trench had the desired effect by prompting the travellers to leave after it was filled in[/caption]

East News Press Agency

Local Lois De’Ath described the community action as ‘remarkable’[/caption]

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