08 July 2017

E/R: Residents displaced as Affram River sweeps Ahiatroga Island community

A devastating flood has submerged Ahiatroga, an Island Community in the Kwahu Affram Plains South District of the Eastern region collapsing about 26 houses, displacing close to 100 inhabitants mostly peasant farmers.

Many houses are in soggy disarray and at the verge of collapse as the floods have soaked the base making it unsafe to occupy.

The displaced residents are perching in a poor state Church building and Classrooms with their salvaged household items including cooking materials .Residents have no option than to cook in the premises of their temporal accommodation with the little foodstuffs left.

The floods have also submerged large acres of farms in the community destroying crops which were near harvesting  creating imminent hunger. The flood was caused by the River Affram which overflown its banks.

The water level in the Affram River has risen very high hence overflows its banks after slightest rainfall flooding communities situated along the banks.Assembly member for the area, Atitsogbey Gideon Senyo tells Kasapa News, the situation has become dire given that most of the buildings in the community are mud houses susceptible to easy collapse in the least flood trigger.

According to him, it is pathetic the current condition of the displaced residents including himself. He said residents are feeling the brunt of the disaster with women and children badly affected.

The assemblyman stated that even though officials of National Disaster Management Organization have been informed, due to the flood situation and the fact that the use of  boat is the only means of transport to the area, officials have not been able to visit the community for assessment and offer help.

Source: Kojo Ansah

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