18 June 2017

 E/R: Queen mother threatens to crackdown on irresponsible fathers

The Queen mother for Akyem Asafo in the East Akyem Municipality of the Eastern region, Nana Antwia Agyeiwaa Kodie says the Traditional Council will soon crackdown on irresponsible men in the community.

According to the Queen mother who is the acting Chief of the area, the rate of child neglect in the community is alarming hence imperative for immediate measures to address the menace.

Nana Agyeiwaa Kodie explained that, most men from within and outside the community refuse to accept responsibility after impregnating the teenage girls creating alarming rate of single teenage parenting and hardship adding, most of the children become dropouts due to financial challenges.

“The rate of single teenage parenting in this community is alarming, because most of the men some from outside the community after impregnating the young girls, refuse to accept responsibility of the pregnancies. This is very worrying development which the traditional council is going to take tough measures to address the menace. During the Ohum festival next month we will announce major decision by the traditional council to crackdown on these menace some of which will be ensuring DOVVSU is made aware and such men prosecuted,” She said.

The Queen mother’s pronouncement comes on the hills of a man identified only as David who has abandoned his fiancee after giving birth to triplets in the community.

Nana Agyiewaa Kodie described the action of the man as primitive but very characteristics of men in the area.

She said some of these men are illegal miners who come to operate in some of the surrounding communities.

The Queen mother even though partly blamed the menace of teenage pregnancies in the community to irresponsible parenting and poverty, noted that men must not take undue advantage to disadvantage the teenagers in the area.

She appealed to the government to help provide jobs for the youth in the town since most of the female youth are unemployed hence easily enticed into relationships which leads to teenage pregnancies.

By: Kojo Ansah

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