01 July 2017

E/R: Eight farmers arrested over Fulani man’s murder

The arrest of eight farmers at Ahomahomasu, a farming community in the Fanteakwa District of the Eastern region over the death of a fulani herdsman, is creating tension in the community.

Before the death of the Fulani herdsman, the farmers had reported to the police about the destruction of their cabbage farms by the cattle of the herdsmen and were demanding compensation from the herdsmen, however, the police refused to arrest the herdsmen.

Due to this, the Police suspect the eight farmers for the murder of the Fulani herdsman.

The suspects were remanded for two weeks in Police custody by the Begoro District Magistrate Court on Friday.

The residents are accusing the Begoro Police for allegedly compromising their profession in exchange of cows therefore have over the years failed to enforce the laws in arresting the lawless Fulani herdsmen in the area.

The arrest of the farmers nearly triggered an attack on the Begoro Police as livid residents massed up to launch an attack against the police station.

Spokesperson for the aggrieved residents of Ahomahomasu, Charles Kwabena Narh, in an interview with Starr News’ Eastern regional Correspondent, Kojo Ansah said the eight suspects arrested are innocent.

He said, Fulani menace is seriously affecting farmers in the area as cattle of the herdsmen continue to pasture on their crops.

Mr. Narh said banks are chasing most farmers for defaulting loan payment because they couldn’t harvest a single basket of crops planted to repay their loans.

According to him, some of the Fulani herdsmen have turned rapists harassing women in farms while others have for the parts five years been robbing traders at gun point in the Fanteakwa district.

He is appealing to the Inspector General of Police and the President to as a matter of urgency address the Fulani menace in the area.

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