17 June 2016

Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital needs blood

blood bankThe Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospitals’ Blood Bank in Sekondi in the Western Region which needs over twenty thousand units of blood currently has less than 4000 units.

This is far below its requirements and may affect it services as the only referral hospital in the region. This came up when GBC’s Western Regional correspondent, Marie Aziz Tunde visited the facility to ascertain its state.

The Effia Nkwanta Hospital which is the only referral health facility supplies blood to all districts and polyclinics in the Western Region, as well as private health facilities.

The facility must always have sufficient blood stock to deal with any eventualities.

The Deputy Chief Blood Programs organizer of the hospital, Francis Blay Cudjoe said since time immemorial, the blood transfusion centre relies on the voluntarism of the public for blood which is no longer forth coming.

He also mentioned the category of people who can donate blood adding that it’s even improves the health status of donors as various health checks are carried out before blood is drawn.


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