22 June 2016

Edward Mahama opens IEA Forum with promises to change Ghana

Edward Mahama1The leader of the People’s National Convention Dr Edward Mahama is addressing an IEA Forum to outline policies his party will execute if it wins the November elections.

The PNC leader is the first of three presidential candidates representing parties with members in Parliament to appear at this year’s forum.

The rest include, the New Patriotic Party’s Nana Akufo-Addo, Convention People’s Party’s Ivor Greenstreet. Incumbent president John Mahama will however not take part in the forum.

Dr Edward Mahama is likely to talk about education, power, economy, and other key issues affecting the country going into the upcoming elections.

After 30 minutes of his presentation, the PNC flagebearer will be quizzed by a cross section of the public who have gathered at the venue of the forum.

The PNC leader takes his place before the invited guests and begins his presentation.

The PNC campaign will be divided into three including the New Force.  The New Force will be the socio economic force to drive change in the economy. The New Force will constitute the youthful population which has potential to develop the country but the potential of the youth has been left untapped and PNC will change that. The new force can be catastrophic in its current state. The could be the Ghanaian uprising as happened in the North of Africa if the state of youth joblessness is not addressed.


Agriculture has become a non performing agriculture sector growing at zero per cent. The rather slow pace of agriculture modernization and low level of participation in an otherwise productive sector is unfortunate. The PNC is convinced that if the government programs are properly planned and executed the youth can get into agriculture as happened in the operation feed yourself policy under the Acheampong regime. The PNC will adopt a climate smart approach to agriculture by making use of irrigation projects.


Ghana is the second dirtiest in the world according to research. The PNC sees this as an unfortunate development. If it wins power, the PNC will turn waste into resource and add value to it in a way that can create jobs. Other products can be derived from Municipal waste and the PNC will explore that opportunity. Waste will be tackled under PNC in three different ways including generation and collection. Under generation there will be levies to entities whose activities lead to waste generation in the country. For the collection the PNC will provide incentives for private participation in waste collection; there will be the national sanitation guard programme that will recruit men to police sanitation programs.

Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is rising at fear provoking pace. The youth have been excluded in the socio-economic transformation of the country. The youth are assets to the country but if you have an asset and you don’t look after it they reduce in value. PNC will provide up to date data on labour and engage the youth in jobs.


Ghana is one of the worst performing countries in the fight against corruption. Much has been lost in the last five years through the abuse of Public Procurement Act. Sole sourcing has become the norm and that is the beginning of the corruption. The mode of appointment to the board of the Public Procurement Authority is problematic. The PNC will decouple the office of the Attorney General and the minister of Justice and appoint an independent prosecutor. The PNC will also resource agencies like EOCO CHRAJ to empower them to lead the fight against corruption. Beyond the institutional reforms is the issue of attitude- leadership by example. When Liman was removed, not a single one of his ministers were prosecuted for corruption. What happened when NDC one gave way to NPP in 2001? The finance minister, his deputy and other ministers of state were prosecuted and jailed under causing financial loss to the state, another way of defining corruption.

The PNC flagbearer ends presentation and is beginning to take questions from the participants at the forum.

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