05 July 2017

Education Secretary Justine Greening urges business bosses to help create an ‘army’ of skilled youngsters

BUSINESS bosses will today be urged to do their bit to kick-start a post-Brexit revolution – and help create an “army” of skilled British youngsters.

Education Secretary Justine Greening will urge firms to work with government to deliver a youth workforce like no other – with experience in coding, to engineering, construction and design.

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Justine Greening is expected to say that creating a youth workforce with experience in engineering and construction is central to a post-Brexit world[/caption]

And she will say the strategy is central to a post-Brexit world – where new immigration controls will demand young Brits are trained up to compete with the best in the world.

The address comes after the government unveiled plans for new technical or T-Levels – designed to replace 13,000 qualifications with 15 and dramatically increase training hours for young recruits.

Speaking at the British Chambers of Commerce Education Summit today, the Cabinet Secretary will tell bosses: “I want to create an army of skilled young people for British business. But I need your help.
“Government can’t do it alone.

“Because that’s what we need, never more than now. A skills revolution for Brexit Britain. That’s the real strategy on migration.

“Great companies need great people. And my Department has a mission to give our young people the very best start – to become those great people.

“It’s how we build our future.”

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The government have unveiled plans for new technical qualifications or T-Levels designed to create an ‘army’ of skilled British youngsters[/caption]



Boris Johnson last September accused business chiefs of being addicted to foreign labour “as if it were a drug.”


Boris Johnson accused business chiefs of being addicted to foreign labour ‘as if it were a drug’[/caption]

And Home Secretary Amber Rudd sparked uproar at the Tory conference by mooting a plan for firms to publish the proportion of foreign workers they employ in a bid to encourage them to hire more Brits.

Ministers plan to join forces with business leaders in the autumn to draw up a new curriculum for T-Levels. Ms Greening also wants to bolster the role of the current Further Education Commissioner Richard Atkins.

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