09 July 2016

EC to delete names not captured in list submitted to SC if…

dzakpasuThe Electoral Commission (EC) is demanding proof before names of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card holders, other than what it presented to the Supreme Court (SC) will be deleted from the voter’s register.

The Commission is convinced that the 56,739 names of NHIS card holders it submitted to the apex court contained all the names of such registrants the Supreme Court asked it to delete.

The EC presented a list of 56,739 names of NHIS card registrants to the court after the plaintiffs in the case returned to the court for clarification on an initial judgement which asked the EC to delete all names of NHIS card holders from the electoral roll and give them an opportunity to re-register with the right identification card.

On Thursday, July 5 the Supreme Court, ordered the Commission to immediately delete the names of all 56,739 NHIS card registrants it submitted to the court, including the ones that were not captured on the list they brought.

In response, the EC has indicated that it is taking steps to delete all 56,739 names from the register. However spokesperson of the Commission, Eric Dzakpasu said they will only delete those whose names are not on the list but can prove that they registered with NHIS cards

Mr Dzakpasu insists that the data presented to the Supreme Court is accurate because only a few people registered with the NHIS cards.

He indicated: ‘most people presented their old Voter’s ID cards and the few people who were qualified at the time used guarantors.’

However, a plaintiff in the case, Evans Nimako said the EC is failing to comply with the orders of the Supreme court.

“Let the EC do the right thing…if they become adamant then I don’t think they will be doing anybody a good service,” he advised.

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