21 July 2017

EC Boss’s impeachment: Petitioners lawyer motivated by ill will – Lawyer Joe Debrah

A private legal practitioner, Joe Debrah has said he has strong conviction that lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyeman, counsel for the Concerned Staff of the Electoral Commission(EC) who have petitioned President Akufo Addo to impeach the EC Chair Charlotte Osei, is doing the case out of ill motive.

According to him, Lawyer Opoku Agyemang who he described as a close friend has an agenda against Charlotte Osei, hence cannot claim he’s doing the case purely on a professional basis.

Lawyer Opoku Agyemang, a Lecturer at the Ghana School of Law has led some staff of the EC to petition President Akufo Addo to remove the EC Boss, accusing her of a litany of accusations.

They allege she single-handedly renegotiated some contracts without the involvement of the members of the Commission, not even the deputies. She then awarded the said contract to the tune of $21,999,592 without going through tender contrary to the Public Procument Law.

Some have questioned the motive of Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang who has vowed to fight the case until the EC Boss is impeached, if indeed he’s been a good friend to the Mrs Osei.

But Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang in an interview with Kasapa FM called the bluff of the EC Boss and vowed to fight the case until the latter’s fate is decided in the allegations brought against her.

However speaking to Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM Friday, Lawyer Joe Debrah who said he’s been great friends and study mates with the EC Chair and Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang since their school days at the Faculty of Law at the University of Ghana, stated that there’s more to this case than is seen by the public.

This nagging has been going on for the past decade but I never for the life of me ever thought it will escalate to this level. Being who I am and knowing what I know, Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang cannot say that he’s doing this purely on professional basis, it is just not true.

Go and look at Maxwell’s facebook page and look at the comments he made about Charlotte when she had this position and put it in perspective, just do the background checks and get to know what sentiments he’s been expressing about Charlotte through out this period on social media before these thing came up.  So when the person tells you that he’s doing this case purely on a professional ground, it is not true.”

Lawyer Joe Debrah added: “He’s my brother and I’m saying this project will not benefit anybody, he’ll lose. That’s why I’ve said even if he wins, he’ll lose. I’m suffering because I’m getting calls from all our mates from around the world asking what is happening? Knowing what I know I don’t see why he gets himself involved in this kind of project because I’ve looked at the petition and it will not yield the desired result he’s looking for. How can he say that if Charlotte is not impeached he can’t sleep, you can’t even say this about your enemy. That’s why I told him, OP, don’t poke the bear because when you poke the bear and it wakes up, taming it is diffucult and that’s what is happening now. This matter is spiralling out of control and I don’t think it will end up the way he desires, even if it does, he would have lost a lot in this exercise, he doesn’t need to lead this exercise.”





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