18 October 2016

EC boss may not organize free and fair election this year – Henry Lartey

Presidential Candidate of (GCPP), Dr Henry Herbert LarteyPresidential candidate of Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Lartey says he is currently doubting if the Commissioner, Mrs. Charlotte Osei can organize, a free, fair, and a transparent election.

According to him, his ”wrongful disqualification” has influenced his doubt.The EC on Monday disqualified Dr. Lartey for “The Commission is unable to accept Dr. Lartey’s nomination because the number of subscribers to his forms did not meet the requirements of Regulation 7 (2) (b) of CI 94.

The details are as follows: Pages 18 – 22 do not contain the signatures of subscribers as required by Law Pages 14 – 17: Subscriptions are undatedThe Personal records of the Vice Presidential candidate have not been provided.One subscriber – Amadu Babia Latifah.

With Voter ID number 3357006984 & Polling station K100401 (page 110) also supported the nomination of another candidate. This disqualifies both candidates endorsed by the said voter.Further, the said subscriber has different signatures on both candidates’ nominations raising questions as to the legitimacy of both signatures.

But Dr. Henry Lartey speaking in interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem said, the EC chair ”failed miserably” to do her job diligently. The law he explained says, the EC should allow for an amendment; and if it can be done quickly. ”The EC boss has not done her job. She failed to do the right thing. She failed miserably,” he added.

Dr. Lartey stressed that the party will put an injunction on the upcoming presidential election if the EC fails to reinstate him.He said, ”we will never sit down and be cheated in this country, never. I will never be cheated. The late Dan Lartey will look at me like a fool in his grave to allow myself to be cheated. He never allowed himself to be cheated, and that was how he trained me. I will not allow myself to be cheated.

We want the right things to be done.”The candidate indicated that, the EC chair have to straightened things up with the disqualification otherwise, people will doubt if she would organize a clean process in the upcoming general election.

”If she [Charlotte Osei] fails me like this and i know I’m right, how can i judge her when the election comes in?…You just as good as your last sales as said in marketing business. So if her last sale was wrong by doing me wrong, do you think when she falters, i will trust her?”

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