08 July 2017

EastEnders fans rejoice after Dot Cotton’s cat is found alive – but there’s a heartbreaking twist

EASTENDERS fans couldn’t hide their delight when it was revealed last night that Dot Cotton’s beloved cat Dave was alive.

The moggy was presumed dead earlier this week after Robbie Jackson appeared to discover him dead in a bin.


However in Friday’s episode, the cat his way to Dot’s hospital to find his owner.

A nurse told Dot: “Security have got a cat downstairs with your address on its tag.

“I’ve never known anything like this to happen before, but one of the other nurses said it happened to her once.

“A cat or dog misses its owner so much that it finds them.”

Viewers couldn’t hide their delight at the news and went online to thank soap bosses for keeping him alive.

One tweeted: “Dave is alive! We can thank god! Now right your wrongs by killing Abi and Donna!”


Another wrote: “Thank god for that!! @bbceastenders !!!!!! Finally done something right!!!! Dave is alive!!! Happy days!!!”

A third said: “Wait Dave The Cat isn’t dead don’t mess with my emotions like that he’s my favourite character #EastEnders.”

However there could be heartbreak around the corner, as Joyce Murray believes Dave is actually her cat.

After seeing one of Robbie’s poster which pleaded for the return of Dot’s feline friend, Joyce is now adamant he is her moggy that went missing some time ago.

Sonia looked disgusted as Robbie showed her the dead cat in the bin
This is the second animal death that Robbie has been connected with this week

And it seems that despite the companionship he has with Dot, Joyce could try and lure him back into her home.

EastEnders has given animal lovers a rollercoaster of emotions this week after it was revealed that iconic pooch Wellard II had met his maker.


Fans were distraught after hearing the news, with one tweeting: One wrote: “As if they didn’t try to make Robbie unlikeable enough, they’ve now revealed he’s careless with his pets. Poor Wellard II #Eastenders.”

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