21 July 2017

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans disgusted as they catch Montana Brown squeezing Alex Beattie’s spots

EAGLE-eyed Love Island fans were left feeling disgusted tonight when they caught Montana Brown squeezing Alex Beattie’s spots.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to point out the moment she was caught on camera picking at the pimples on his chest.

Montana Brown was caught squeezing Alex Beattie’s spots

The blink-and-you-miss-it moment appeared in tonight’s episode as viewers were shown clips of the couple lying in bed together.

In the brief clip, Montana was seen lying next to Alex and digging her false nails into his chest to burst a spot on his skin.

Fans branded it “disgusting” and many took to Twitter to reveal it made them feel sick.

One wrote: “Urgh, is Montana squeezing Alex’s spots?? #loveisland.”

Another added: “Montana 100% a wrongun if she can pot a lads spots after knowing him 4 weeks 🤢 #LoveIsland.”

A third tweeted: “Alex letting Montana squeeze the spots on his chest in bed 😂😂#loveisland.”

During tonight’s show, Kem and Chris take their bromance to new level tonight by claiming they’re like “brothers”.

The pair have become close during their time in the villa and tonight they admit they are totally “inseparable”.

The blossoming friendship between the boys has become a major talking point throughout the series.

Many fans have even called for them to be listed as a couple with the potential to walk away with the £50,000 prize.

During the episode, the girls were also asked to flirt with each others’ boyfriend in a cheeky prank task.

Montana had to make sex noises during a head massage from Kem.

Camilla had to get Marcel to say “Blazin’ Squad” as many times as possible, and Amber had to spoon Chris.


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