06 August 2017

Dr Kwame Nkrumah – A Legacy Not To Be Changed

Stephen Selassie Asuo writes:

​I am very disappointed in some ideological misinterpretation of some people comparing The Freedom Movement of Ghana to Christianity, “the Jesus and Apostle Paul Factor”. 

Christianity in not a religion in the first place (another day’s debate). 

Secondly, who would try and convince us all in the 21st Century about the wrong or error of the information by documents, videos and audios present for us to prove this fact and truth of our beloved nation that it is otherwise?
If anyone wants to ‘wipeout’ the Nkrumah Legacy, he should simply OUTDO what he did. Just open your eyes and look around, you will see the evidence of the greatness of a man who was diligent in action and deeds. UGGC were excellent VISIONAIRES,  ideolgists and intellects, Nkrumah was a pragmatist MISSIONARY and a DOER. 
I totally agree with celebration of UGGC because they made a great impact. But when we want to ‘smear’ the patriotic efforts of an ordinary son of Gold Coast who discovered the challenges of his fellow citizens and strategized a path to the liberation of Gold Coast to Ghana. He didn’t just stop there but implemented monumental and foundational infrastructure and systems which could have been  built on. 

The ability of rewriting history is the capacity to outdo the existing achievements of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah by implementing a sound economic agenda and giving the teeming youth of Ghana an opportunity to play their civil roles of contributing to the sustainable development of Ghana. 

Posterity will judge any leader of this proud and rich nation when they leave the seat of power but not by using the short tenure on critically examining others achievements whiles we are yet to accomplish anything in this current dispensation. Rt. Hon. Mike Aaron Ocquaye,  please come again.

The time to make Ghana work is now!

Some of us are more interested in the current affairs of Ghana and not passed affairs of Gold Coast.
Long Live Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and may every Ghanaian be helped to resist every Oppressor’s Rule  (extract from the National Anthem)
Stephen Selasie Asuo (Talkshow Host/ SDGs Advocate)

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