08 July 2017

Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann Gives Talk With Handbag Around Her Shoulders – Once Bitten Twice Shy (VIDEO)


Quizmistress for the National Science and Maths Quiz, Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann, seems to have absorbed a lesson from the theft of her bag at the finals of this year’s competition – never leave your bag behind.

Dr Kaufmann recently gave a public lecture and through it all, she had her bag hanging right on her shoulder.

Talk about once bitten twice shy!

Dr Kaufmann’s handbag got stolen, along with all the valuables including her id’s inside, at the recently held finals of the NSMQ.

The wallet in the bag has reportedly been returned to her, but henceforth, she’s taken no damn chances with her bag.

Video below…

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