31 July 2017

Don’t dare anti-galamsey task force – Nitiwul to illegal miners

The Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul has issued a stern warning to illegal miners not to stand in the way of the joint military/police taskforce deployed to mining enclaves to stop galamsey.

Over 400 personnel of the security service have been dispatched to the Ashanti, Eastern and Western regions for the first phase of the military involvement in the fight against illegal mining.

Dominic Nitiwul in an address at the launch of the anti-galamsey operation code-named “operation vanguard” said the move has the full backing of the state, urging the team to go the full hog in their operation.

“I will make it straight to the people who are daring the task force not to do that because the country is behind the task force. Don’t dare them. It will not be in your interest to dare them…They will do everything and anything to make this mission a success.

“I hope that when we tell this story, it will be a story of success…You are being tasked to go and stay and stop this. I know that the men and the women of the Ghana Armed Forces are professional, and the men and women of the Ghana Police Service are professional and you will do a professional job… We believe that this group will stop illegal mining and stop it forever.”

The Lands and Natural Resources Minister, John Peter Amewu early this month announced the long-term military protection for large scale mining concessions under a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Chamber of Mines and the Ghana Armed Forces.

The MoU covered 24 companies such as the Geo-Professional Services Ltd, and C&G Alaska among others.

The deployment, according to the Ministry is to provide protection for both life and properties against illegal miners.


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