17 June 2016

Dont be a coward – Ray Charles Marfo Charges on Brother Sammy

Ray Charles MarfoEntertainment Journalist, Ray Charles Marfo is advising Brother Sammy, a popular gospel musician known for his live worship performances to act responsibly and accept paternity for Ohemaa Jackie’s pregnancy after having an affair with her.

Weeks ago, an entertainment Newspaper, 98 News, reported that gospel musician, Brother Sammy was caught in an extra marital affair with an upcoming gospel musician who met Brother Sammy in November 2015 when she visited Ghana for them to collaborate on an album. Their friendship grew into an intimate affair which led to a 7 month old pregnancy which evidence exposed Brother Sammy forcing the lady to abort the pregnancy or risk her life for it.

Brother Sammy, who is married, accepted the pregnancy in a phone conversation with Ohemaa Jackie’s mother who is also based in London but later denied paternity of the pregnancy because he had gotten information that the lady had spent 3 days in a hotel with a certain Bishop Derek who must be responsible for the baby.

Contrary to Sammy’s denial, an audio recording between Brother Sammy and his friend Doris exposed Sammy as he admitted having impregnated the lady but raised concerns why the lady was broadcasting her pregnancy to other people.

Ray Charles Marfo, an entertainment Journalist with Metro Fm in Kumasi, who has been investigating the matter, posted on his Facebook Timeline advising Sammy to accept the pregnancy and not just walk away .

“Gospel musician Brother Sammy should not be a coward. Accepting Ohemaa Jackie’s pregnancy will not affect your music career. You are not the first gospel musician to have a baby out of wedlock. Nigerian popular singer, Lanre Teriba, is an example of your situation”.

“All the evidence available clearly indicates you are responsible for the pregnancy. An audio tape conversation between you and your friend Doris exposed you big time. You clearly stated the pregnancy is yours but your worry is why the lady is broadcasting it so why the denial now Sammy?”

“Soften your stands Sammy. It would be suicidal for your career if these audio tapes get on social media. Don’t just walk away and later regret.”

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