25 July 2017

Do Roku and Apple TV really speak film geek? We put voice search to the test for answers


Cordcutters who use streaming media devices have turned binge watching into a high art, and with good reason. There are now so many a la carte TV and movie apps that the danger of losing yourself in a sea of prestige television and on demand films offered across a range of networks and services is almost overwhelming. 

Bobbing in the middle of the streaming chaos like a life raft is a relatively new tool promising to save those drowning in video content: voice search. But is it a mirage, merely adding yet another bit of noise to the maelstrom of logos, menus, and logins, or is it really what we’ve been waiting for? After testing the powers of some of the latest in voice search on streaming media devices, I think I have a few answers.  Read more…

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