13 July 2017

Do I Have To Suck D*ck Before Receiving An Award? – Sister Afia Explodes On Social Media After Receiving No Nominations For Gh Music Awards UK


‘Jeje’ hitmaker Sister Afia went bezerk on social media after the nominations for the Ghana Music Awards UK came out and she landed no nominations.

Taking to twitter, Sister Afia lamented how she has always been ignored for awards despite the hard work she puts in.

Bitterly reacting to the nominations list, the suggestive singer wondered whether she has to suck someone’s d*ck before she would ever be considered for an award?

“Been working my Butt of since 2014.. I’ve been consistent… why, do I also have to suck a d*ck for An Award” she wondered.

Sister Afia has had a stellar year, no question, so perhaps her questions has some merit to them.

Having asked the rhetorical question, she provided the answer herself in a follow up tweet.

“You can keep both your Awards and D*cks not interested!!” she added.

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