09 July 2017

Department of Health must come clean on what it knows about the risk of cancer from breast implants

Act now on Big C implants

IT is terrifying that women are being kept in the dark about the risk of cancer from breast implants.

With as many as 50,000 Brits having breast surgery every year, it’s shocking to discover that two women have died but there has been no official public warning.

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50,000 Brits have breast augmentation every year and two women have died from cancer in their implants[/caption]

Some 460 cases of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma have been diagnosed around the world since 2011, sparking other countries to issue alerts to their citizens.

But our Government has stayed quiet — despite the deaths and 23 other Brits needing life-saving surgery.

Where’s the sense of urgency?

Cosmetic surgery professor Jim Frame warns that many women with cancer don’t come forward — and this type of the deadly disease is only curable if caught early.

It’s high time that the Government comes clean on what it knows about this new “bombshell”.

The Department of Health MUST act now before it’s too late.

Some 460 cases of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma have been diagnosed around the world since 2011
Sian Williams reveals breast cancer battle inspired her to quit strict diet


Trump’s Brexit backing

LISTENING to some Remainers you’d think the apocalypse was on its way.

It’s almost like they want Britain to fail — just so they can prove their point.

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President Trump says he expects a ‘very powerful’ trade deal with the UK to be finalised very quickly[/caption]

They’ll be gutted, then, that US President Donald Trump says he expects a “very powerful” trade deal with us to be wrapped up “very, very quickly”.

His comments give Theresa May more ammo to quieten the doom-mongers who want to stay in the customs union.

We voted to leave so we could forge our own deals with big economies like America, China, India, Canada and Australia.

In the long run we reckon it is a better bet than being bossed about by Brussels.


Theresa May said she wants to make sure that on Brexit day in March 2019, the UK will be able to sign a deal as soon as possible[/caption]

No10 said they want to make sure come Brexit day on March 2019 we’ll be able to sign a deal “as soon as possible”.

The President’s promise of a quick deal is a staunch reminder that we have much to gain from Brexit.
Let’s get on with it. The US deal WILL be the first of many.

Best of luck for ‘Arry

PA:Press Association

Harry Redknapp has recently had a tumour removed from his bladder[/caption]

HARRY Redknapp is one of our most colourful managers and a hero to his fans.

He’s been through a few scrapes in his life and had a hard time lately with the removal of a tumour from his bladder.

The Sun on Sunday applauds him for cracking on with new side Birmingham City in their pre-season preparations.

But that’s the type of battling British bulldog ’Arry is.

We know all footie fans will be behind us when we wish him a speedy recovery.

A look back at Harry Redknapp' most memorable moments in new documentary 'HARRY'
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