Deepen analysis of international news in Ghana

Alexander Nyarko Yeboah, GNA

Tema July 24, GNA – A
Communications Expert and Host of World Affairs on an Accra community radio,
Class FM, says international news segments of most media outlets in Ghana is
not extensive enough to generate public interest.

Speaking to the Ghana
News Agency on Monday, Dr. Etse Sikanku observed that there was the need for a
more in-depth and broad analysis of international news to allow Ghanaians and
Africans appreciate what goes on around us.

Dr.Etse, who was also
a lecturer at the School of Communications Studies, University of Ghana, said
there was the need to present international news with an African perspective to
allow the African appreciate international issues and contribute to them.

According to him, the
Ghanaian had interest in international affairs “just that the avenue is
probably not there, because if you look on people’s timelines, sometimes the
issues going on in the US will be trending in Ghana. For instance the US
elections, etc.”

He said there were few
avenues for international news stories in Ghana on the various news media, and
“even if the avenue is there we don’t dedicate a lot of time to it.”

He opined that
constant consumption of foreign news would help improve the Ghanaian media
landscape by diversifying the issues discussed making them richer adding, “It
also makes us educated and active participants in the international community.”

He observed that
exposure to foreign news would help journalists to learn about how stories were
covered in other parts of the world as “it will expose Ghanaian media
practitioners to media coverage in different ways.”

He stressed the need
to fully adapt to western media best practices if “we want to practice their
kind of democracy and depart from ill practices that do not help our

According to him,
information could make a difference in terms of educating people and giving
power and knowledge to people so they become aware and appreciate development
practices across the world.

“It is information
that could help Africa leap frog for instance or to jump. Once you know what
other countries have gone through, it helps you to adapt better,” he said.


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