25 July 2017

Deal or No Deal host Noel Edmonds’ compensation claim against Lloyds Bank climbs to £300million

TV host Noel Edmonds has ramped up his compensation claim from Lloyds Bank – and now wants £300million.

The Deal Or No Deal presenter, one of 67 victims of HBOS fraud, previously said he was after £50-£70million.

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Noel Edmonds has upped his compensation claim against Lloyds Bank to £300million[/caption]

But he claimed today the £245million scam was “on an industrial scale”, with thousands affected.

A review set up by the bank, he stormed, was like “trying to plug an active volcano with a cork”.

HBOS financiers forced firms, including Edmonds’ Unique Group, into hiring “turnaround consultants” between 2003 and 2007.

They then charged them huge fees leading to their collapse. Six people, including two from the Reading branch, have been jailed.

But Mr Edmonds said his lawyers were sending police evidence proving “HBOS criminality extended far beyond the ‘Reading 6’”.

The 68-year-old accused Lloyds of trying to limit liability to a small number of victims when “as they are well aware, the true figure is in the thousands”.


Lloyds Bank has come under fire for its handling of the major fraud[/caption]

It comes days after Lords and MPs slammed Lloyds for its handling of the case.

The bank, which bought HBOS in 2008, has set aside a £100million compo pot.

A spokesman said: “If we need to increase this we will absolutely do so.

“If anyone has new information it should be passed to police and the regulator.”

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