05 July 2017

Daniel Brown: Young, Energetic, Handsome And Fabulous But He Just Died—Perhaps We Are Living in A Matrix


Daniel Brown-RIGHT

The last time I met Daniel Brown at an event in Luton, a beautiful drama queen was stressing him out—so as he sat close to me, I said: “Brown, why the heck are you wasting your time with these partial sane London girls?”

That was the last time I saw Brown and today he is gone.

I am told he died after a short battle with cancer—but how can such a young, energetic, handsome and fabulous guy just pass away?

He was forceful: he relocated from Luton to Milton Keynes in search for a better job and the sacrifice has not been worth it. He’s gone and nothing, including his future plans, matter anymore.

Anyone who knows Daniel will attest to his cheerfulness. He would normally dance his head off at local events and stretch his arms to help everyone he could.


Daniel Brown

Anytime I’ve met Daniel at L.U Barbershop, he was fun to have around—as his somewhat dried jokes always became funny by the mere fact that they were dried and yet he wouldn’t stop telling them.

He loved the gym just as much as he was in bed with his funky style of dressing. He was always well groomed but today, it’s all over.

What’s this thing we call life?

People just pass through and disappear—and soon, it would be as if he was never here.

I know Brown was a happy guy but I am told the last stages of his life weren’t great—the pains and deterioration softened his energy.


Daniel Brown

When the sad news of Daniel Brown reached me, I said: what even shows we really exist? Perhaps, we are living in a matrix, a subject of an experiment by a vicious genius.

Because, what else can explain the rate at which young people are falling—the increasing meaningless of life?

Maybe we are actually living in a simulation. But even that, we shouldn’t be unplugged in such an abrupt manner.

Brown, may you rest in peace. You fought a good fight to make your life better.

Watch Daniel Brown dancing below…

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