04 July 2017

Dad takes his daughter’s phone away and follows up with best troll

NO ONE likes the idea of being without there phone for any length of time, not least a teenage girl who has A LOT of gossiping snapping and retweeting to do.

One dad – who decided to impose a telephone “time out” on his teen – has gone viral for the hilarious way he delivered the message.

The dad uploaded a picture of the note he wrote to his daughter on Reddit

A picture of the cheeky message was uploaded to Reddit on Tuesday morning and the forum users couldn’t get enough of the witty delivery.

The hand written note was designed to look like it displayed a series of text messages on a phone screen.

The father wrote: “Hi daughter. Hope you are behaving yourself. I love you.”

The cheeky dad then followed up with a heart and another message: “Why are you not answering me?”

He then wrote: “Oh wait…”

Many amused Reddit users commented on the picture – the majority just wanted to praise the wi-fi recent of the sheet of paper which was apparently subscribed to the network T-mobile.

One person said: “That page is getting good wi-fi reception.”

While plenty more chipped in to comment on the quality of T mobile as a service provider.

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