20 June 2017

Dad-of-two, 50, shoots himself after he was wrongly accused of possessing indecent images

A DAD of two shot himself dead after being wrongly accused of possessing indecent images, an inquest heard.

Brit Sean O’Kane wrote suicide notes then took his girlfriend’s pistol from her handbag at their home in Michigan, US.

Cavendish Press

British ex-pat Sean O’Kane killed himself after being falsely accused of possessing indecent images[/caption]

Police had seized his laptop and later cleared him of any wrongdoing.

But the divorcee, 50, of Prestwich, Gtr Manchester was worried his family would find out, the Bolton inquest heard.

His ex-wife Ruth told the inquest: “The gun that was used by Sean was from his partner’s handbag – which was loaded. He hated guns and didn’t know how to use one.

Cavendish Press

O’Kane wrote suicide letters then took his girlfriend’s gun from her purse and shot himself[/caption]

Cavendish Press

Mr Kane is survived by two children[/caption]

“She waited half an hour before calling emergency services and told the police she was in the shower when it happened and she heard a pop but didn’t think anything of it.”

Mr O’Kane had been working for Kellogg’s, but was due to return to the UK ten days before his death. Verdict: suicide.

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