15 July 2017

Cut-down influx of Telenovelas – Roselyn Ngissah begs TV Station owners

The issue of foreign contents on Ghanaian Television stations has been a bother to many Ghanaians over the years as the absence of a structure to limit the influx is affecting locally produced contents and actors.

Ghanaian actress Roselyn Ngissah has pleaded with owners of Television Stations to lessen Telenovelas content on screens and consider projecting the local series content and Ghanaian movies to help boost the movie industry.

“Tv Station owners should tone down the inflow of Telenovelas on our screens…I know it’s not easy to write Telenovelas off the screens completely because they are also doing their business but whatever it is there should be a balance that we will have more Ghanaian contents,” Roselyn Ngissah said on RTV Ghana.

She was sad about the upsurge of these telenovelas, adding that the decline of standards on Ghana’s screens deserve immediate attention.

Ngissah urged Television content producers to look attentively at getting their own production done locally which will promote and create more jobs for Ghanaian actors and actresses.

“If TV stations should create their own local production, it will help create jobs for actors and becomes very competitive among the TV stations because the content produced is of high standard just as DSTV is doing now,” Roselyn Ngissah added.

She also beseeched the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture – Honourable Catherine Afeku, new executive of Ghana Actors Guild to consider a strict enforcement of the Broadcasting Bill to strengthen the content monitoring and regulation of the electronic media and to curb these foreign television soap operas in the country.

Many stakeholders in the movie industry have slammed television stations in Ghana for promoting foreign content than the local ones.

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