Corruption allegation against Kojo Bonsu ‘senseless’ – Sammy Gyamfi

kojobonsuThe spokesperson for embattled Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), boss, Kojo Bonsu has described allegations of corrupt practices leveled by some assembly members against his boss as ‘senseless’.

According to Sammy Gyamfi, Kojo Bonsu has been successful in transforming Kumasi with the needed funds he raised, therefore, will not inflate figures and siphon funds into his pocket.

“How can these assembly members make such senseless allegations against my boss and I. Kojo Bonsu tried all he could to make Kumasi a very beautiful place with the exact funds he gets and so I find it hard to understand why they should accuse him of financial malfeasance”, Mr. Gyamfi told Okay FM Friday.

Some assembly members of the KMA who spearheaded the removal of the Chief Executive, Mr. Kojo Bonsu are calling on the embattled KMA boss to account to the assembly in spite of his resignation.

The assembly members said under Mr Bonsu’s leadership, KMA saw little development, which they claim was as a result of Mr Bonsu’s alleged corrupt practices and ostentatious lifestyle.

They noted that, apart from the ‘inflated’ $4.4m Rattray Park project and the construction of the State Experimental School at Danyame, virtually all the other projects catalogued in his book which was launched before his resignation last Tuesday were either initiated by past Chief Executives or were halfway into completion before he assumed office.

The assemblymen also alleged that Sammy Gyamfi and his boss, Kojo Bonsu, had amassed wealth at the expense of the KMA, whilst they were in office for close to four years.

But Mr. Gyamfi who believes his boss has moved on with life, said there was more he (Kojo Bonsu) could have done if not for the unfortunate impasse with the Kumasi chiefs.

According to him, he only works as the spokesperson for Kojo Bonsu and “I’m not even interested in squandering government’s money”.

“Kojo Bonsu is moving on with life. Both of us were not involved in any malfeasance. In fact, if not for the troubles between him and the chiefs, he could have done more” he insisted.

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