29 September 2016

Corrupt, greedy KMA assembly members don’t want election – NDC man

kma-blowThe greed of Assembly members of KMA has been blamed for the bloody fight that has characterised the election of a new presiding member.

According to Yakubu Adams popularly known as Yakubu Tony Aidoo, a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti region, the assembly members are “corrupt and greedy”.

The KMA is currently without a Mayor and a Presiding Member, the two most powerful political positions in the metropolis.

However, an eighth attempt to elect a new presiding member, Tuesday ended in a deadlock with reports of violence. Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor who was at the scene reported that blows were exchanged, chairs were thrown and insults hurled by the assembly members.

The two contenders, Baffour Agyei Kesse IV, Adumhene and Nana Kofi Senya, after a marathon of elections, have both been asked to step down for a peaceful election which led to the selection of four contestants.

Out of the four new aspirants, one stepped down leaving Michael Adusei Bonsu, Abraham Boadi and Poku Obeng, to contest the poll for a new presiding member.

After elections, Boadi polled 65 with Bonsu and Obeng polling 59 and two votes respectively. But none of them made the two-thirds majority needed to be elected.

The elections have thus been rescheduled to Friday but members will consider allowing the contestant with the highest number of votes to stand for a yes or no vote.

But Yakubu Tony Aidoo on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Wednesday said he is not surprised by the drama and chaos.

He alleged that, the ‘money loving’ assembly members are prolonging the process to get bribes from aspirants.

“KMA assembly members are corrupt and greedy; they want to prolong the elections to collect bribes from the aspirants” he stated.

The NDC man bemoaned how the Garden City is covered with filth due to the absence of a presiding member because these “greedy” assembly members have stalled the process.

He challenged the assembly members to swear by the dreaded Antoa Nyama deity if they have not taken bribes from the aspirants.

Yakubu Tony Aidoo has vowed to campaign against all the assembly members at KMA for thinking about their stomachs rather than the development of Kumasi.


Source: adomonline.com

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