03 July 2017

Coronation Street viewers repulsed as Daniel Osbourne makes HUGE health and safety mistake by washing Chesney Brown’s blood off his hands into food preparation sink

CORONATION Street viewers had much to be anxious about during Monday night’s episodes with Chesney Brown’s life hanging in the balance following a violent stabbing.

But fans were more upset that Daniel Osbourne washed his hands in the wrong sink after getting covered in Chesney’s blood.

Chesney Brown was stabbed in the Bistro on Coronation Street

Viewers of the ITV soap were up in arms towards the end of the second episode of the evening as Daniel gave a statement to police.

In the first episode of Monday, drug dealer Rich smashed open a bottle of wine and threatened to stab people inside the Bistro during a violent argument with Robert Preston.

But it was Chesney who got the sharp end of the bottle as he walked into the crossfire of the argument – entering the Bistro just as Rich turned around.

Rich then stabbed Chesney as Michelle Connor looked on in panic and Robert ran after Rich.

Daniel then sprung into action in the second episode, trying to stop blood from spilling out of Chesney by applying a clean napkin to his stab wound.

He also kept him conscious by asking him questions about the Back to the Future and Toy Story film series.

Daniel Osbourne jumped into action to help save Chesney
Daniel then had his hands covered in Chesney’s blood

Chesney dipped in and out of consciousness as the second episode progressed.

But once he was carted off to hospital by paramedics, Daniel was finally able to wash his hands of Chesney’s blood in the Bistro kitchen.

Viewers were quick to notice that Daniel was washing himself in the food preparation sink – and were repulsed.

Taking to Twitter, many blasted the character for his obvious health and safety mistake.

Viewers were repulsed that Daniel washed his hands in the kitchen sink
Daniel Osbourne makes huge health and safety mistake on Coronation Street

“Daniel using the wrong sink to wash his blooded hands in a kitchen! With the correct one in the background #Corrie,” one repulsed viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another tweeted: “Daniel washing the blood off his hands in the food prep sink and not the handwash one in the background  #corrie.”

Another outraged fan wrote: “#Corrie please dont tell me Daniel washed off Chesney’s blood in the restaurant kitchen sink. I know it’s not real…but still…🙈🤢”.

While another blasted: “@itvcorrie contact food and hygiene…Daniel washing his hands in wrong sink..shut the kitchen down!!😂”.

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