20 September 2016

I consulted powerful deities to sell my albums – Lazy Dog

joelOne time popular hiplife artist, Lazy Dog has disclosed that he used to consult deities in order to record high sales of his music albums when he used to be a rapper.

Lazy Dog, formally known as Joel Agyeman Agyemang Duah also reveals, he used to a chain smoker of Indian hemps during his hay days as a rapper.

The former rap artist and member of the “Ancestors” rap group was speaking to Ike De-Unpredictable in an exclusive interview on Abusua 96.5 fm.

Rev. Joel Agyeman Duah is now the Founder and Leader of Gentle Ministry at Apatrapa, Poku-Krom in the Ashanti Region.

He said it took a timely intervention of one his boys who introduced him to a minister of the gospel who took him for three years and transformed him from his bad ways.

“One day, one of the boys I worked with told me that he wanted to introduce me to a man of God who could pray for me and my albums so that we record high sales on the market,” he said.

“I agreed and we went to see the man. After we met the man, he told me he was going to work on me vigorously so that I leave the hiplife industry and become a pastor which is my original calling,” he added.

“Actually I was confused but after a series of discussions, I agreed and the man adopted me for three years and worked seriously on me…today am a pastor and I can feel the miracle of God working in me,” he observed.

“Now I can feel serious transformation in my life. I used to smoke a lot of wee with Lord Kenya…we were actually in competition and I can’t even tell who is best smoker between me and Lord Kenya,” he disclosed.


Source: abusuafmonline.com

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