30 June 2017

Concerned LLB Graduates threaten injunction on Law School entrance exams

A group of Law Degree Holders calling themselves Concerned LLB Graduates have threatened to place an injunction on the entrance examination by the Ghana Law School should the General Legal Council refuse to grant them automatic admission into the School of Law this year.

The LLB graduates made up of LLB graduates from the various law faculties in the country, say the exams slated for July 14 will amount to illegality after the Supreme court judgment on the matter.

The position of the LLB Graduates, follows the Supreme Court ruling declaring the entrance examination and subsequent interview by the Ghana School of law as unconstitutional.

Mr Godfred Kwame Tessu, a member of the group answering a question on their next line of action if the GLC refuses to listen to them said they’ll go back to Supreme court for review of the judgment or put injunction on the Ghana School of Law.

“…Just as the Supreme court has indicated that the exam and the interview is unconstitutional, I believe all the stakeholders are aware that we cannot go against the constitution. Per Article 1(2) of our constitution, anything that is not in agreement with the constitution is void from start. Therefore we believe that Her Ladyship, who is also the Chairman of the General Legal Council will look through our petition and do what she ought to do. However notwithstanding that, we believe that there are other avenues that are opened to us like going to court and ask for a review  and also placing an injunction on the exams. That is also our constitutional right that we can pursue. But that we believe will be our last resort.” he told a Press Conference in Accra Friday.


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