30 August 2017

Compel companies to list on stock market

Financial analysts have suggested the implementation of some legal requirements that will compel certain large corporate institutions to list on the stock market.

They argue that such a move will afford investors more options which will ultimately increase investments on the stock.

Speaking to Citi Business News on the matter, the General Manager for IFS Capital Management Limited, Manfred Bressey was of the view that compelling companies to list on the stock exchange will grow the country’s stock market.

“If there are any legal requirements to force companies of a certain size to get listed on the stock, that will really increase interest on the stock because a lot of these banks and telecommunication companies take all the returns away but if they can list, it will bring more interest on the market.”

Mr. Bressey further bemoaned the small number of companies currently listed on Ghana’s stock market, “From 1991 we have less than forty companies listed on the stock and that’s not good enough while Nigeria has over two hundred close to three hundred companies listed on the Nigerian stock exchange. I think when there are more companies more people will list on the companies because there are more options.

Commenting on the Ghana Alternative Market, he explained that the market had not yet achieved its aim of increasing the number of small and medium scale businesses on the market

“The exchange has brought in the alternative market, where the strict requirements are reduced a bit that is also receiving interest but not as much as was expected, we thought that a lot of SME like companies will list on their performance to add to the total stock but there is still room for improvement, we think that more companies especially large corporations should show interest in listing so that we have some vibrancy on the market I think that will create interest.”

By: Anita Arthur/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana

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