14 July 2017

‘Comedian’ Hassan Ayariga Is Jealous Of Edward Mahama – Says Aide To Dr Mahama


Hassan Ayraiga

Aide to the PNC’s Dr Edward Mahama, Dela Tengeh, says Hassan Ayariga is jealous of his boss, which is why he keeps running his mouth about him.

Mahama recently accepted an offer from President Nana Akufo-Addo to be Ghana’s Ambassador at large. 

However, his decision to work with a government from another party has drawn him plenty of criticisms.

Hassan Ayariga, a former flagbearer of the PNC, described Mahama as ‘disgraceful’ for accepting the appointment, saying he would be the President’s ‘errand boy’.

However, Dr Mahama’s aide hit back in an interview with Okay Fm.

“Hassan Ayariga should just shut up and stop hating on Dr Mahama. You decided to break away from PNC to form your own concert political party, what then is your problem if our leader decides to accept a role in NPP government. He is just jealous of the man and has not done nothing meaningful with his life to help the country. He is just a comedian who enjoys spewing venom” Dela Tengeh said.

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