20 July 2016

CLOSSAG, Labour Ministry meeting end in deadlock amidst threats of strike

GrahamGovernment has up to the end of this month to come up with four-year arrears of interim premium allowance owed members of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSAG) or face industrial action.

This follows a meeting between executives of CLOSSAG and the Employment and Labour Relations Ministry which ended inconclusively.

The executive secretary of CLOSAG, Isaac Bampoe Addo says without payment the threat of striking is inevitable.

Mr Bampoe said they have not come to any favourable conclusion hence their decision to strike.

“We have exhausted committees upon committees that have looked into this issue and all have come to the same conclusion that we have not been treated well, we have not been treated fairly,” Mr Bampoe said.

He said for equity to prevail, they must also be given the interim premium.

Mr. Bampoe-Addo insists members of CLOSAG were worse off when the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) was implemented and so the Interim premium was to cushion them.

He said they have waited for almost six years for this to be done and all they are now considering is their pockets and not the impact of the industrial action.

“Now civil servants are wallowing in poverty, the report that brought in the single spine report found out that civil servants were the lowest paid in the public services and the differences which are wide are of concern to us,” Mr Bampoe revealed.

According to him, they have waited enough and can’t endure anymore waiting and that the only thing that can bring them back to work is to be given the interim premium.

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