15 June 2016

Climate Refugees: How communities are washed away

flood rain climateEntire communities have been submerged or washed away such that places that used to be homes are now part of the sea floor or rendered bare land. That’s the situation in many parts of Ghana’s coastal belt including the Volta Region where the sea is swallowing up communities.

“If this place is done early enough, there’ll be nothing like Angloga, Keta, Anyako or anything else,” a resident of Blekusu in the Keta District of the Volta Region said.

He and hundreds of people his community have now been displaced after losing their homes to the ocean.

The sea has displaced thousands in coastal Ghana. The sea has swallowed up homes, schools, churches, and other infrastructure along the coast. This week on Hotline, JoyNews’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo tours coastal Ghana to tell terrifying stories of how thousands of people have been left homeless as the sea takes up more land.

The documentary features interviews with persons who have been displaced by the sea in communities across the Volta, Central and Greater Accra regions. Chiefs, assembly men and other local authority officials provided additional insight.

The documentary also engages the experts and teases out what can be done to stem the tide and puts questions government officials on what is being done in the short and long term to deal with the problem.

Other personalities featured in the documentary include:
1) Head of the Marine and Fisheries Department, Dr. Kwasi Appeaning Addo

2) Director of the University of Ghana’s Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies Prof. Chris Gordon

3) Works and Housing Minister Dr. Kweku Agyemang Mensah

4) Volta Regional Minister Helen Ntoso

5) Municipal Chief Executive for Keta, Sylvester Tornyevah

6) Head of Public Relations at the Environmental Protection Agency Angelina Mensah

7) Kwesi Johnson of NGO, Friends of the Earth


The first part of the documentary airs on Thursday 16th June 2016, and the second part on Thursday 23rd June 2016 at 8:30 am on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM.

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