05 August 2017

Clashes at Avenor over piece of land

Police are on high alert in Avenor in Accra to avert a possible bloodletting between articulated and spare parts dealers on one hand and workers of a private developer on the other.

Two persons have sustained multiple injuries in the clashes Wednesday morning. Joy News’ Favour Nunoo reported of a reprisal later in the evening.

The two factions are laying claim to a piece of land said to be a state property. There is currently an interlocutory injunction stopping the two factions from developing the land.

One of the factions was believed to have poured petrol on the vast land which has a mosque and a number of articulated vehicles.

It took the timely intervention of the police to avert an escalation of the clashes. The two factions were ready to attack each other with machetes and other weapons.

Police on arriving at the scene dispersed the crowd using water canons and later had to douse flames from a vehicle which had been torched.

No arrests have been made at least for now, Favour reported.

Chief Superintendent Kwasi Ofori told Joy NEWS gun shots were fired by some members of the two factions.

He warned that the police will not countenance any form of lawlessness.

“Should they use unlawful arms and other weapons, the police will deal with them…Even as darkness falls we will be there till tomorrow morning,” he said.

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