24 July 2017

CID raid Kwabena Donkor’s residence

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers of the Police Service on Monday morning stormed and raided the residence of former Minister of Power, Dr Kwabena Donkor.

The Police officers, according to Dr Donkor arrived in his house with a warrant demanding to search the premises, adding he was informed that he was being investigated for causing financial loss to the state.

Dr Donkor in an interview with Kasapa News said that though he only got to hear of his investigation for the first time when the team arrived in his house, he allowed them in following which they searched his home and took along his laptop and four pen drives.

He said he was informed by the CID officers that the invesigations centered on the AMERI Power deal which was entered into by the esrtwhile Mahama government of which he served as the Power Minister.

Dr Donkor who insisted there are no private documents on AMERI in his custody, added that he’s ready to meet the state in court if it intends to prosecute him.

He said, however that those who sent the CID officers had muddied the waters.

Some discussions had been taking place, indeed yesterday I spent two hours with Hon. K.T Hammond in when I arrived from Koforidua. There’s some process on the way with all of us wanting to understand what the issues are, if there are any. Then I wake up this morning and a team from CID is in my house with a warrant to search my private home for documents on AMERI, well probably that’s the way they want to play it. The people of Ghana will eventually be the judges. 

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