20 September 2016

Christian Minister Who Is New To Facebook Posts Bedroom Photos After Sleeping With His Wife

minist1 Can you imagine after a staunch Christian couple were introduced to Facebook, they started by posting a picture of them lying naked in bed after some ‘action’.

Judging from his earlier posts, Onesmus Kinyua is a humble, God fearing Kenyan man in his 30’s whose only sin so far would be punching the Church’s keyboard a little too hard.

He ministers in his church and plays the keyboard for equal measure.

When he posted the bedroom photo of himself and his wife in bed with the caption ‘Babie & me enjoyable day’, his friends were not impressed, with many of them slamming him for his bloodshot eyes and ‘not so cute wife’. Hey, if you wanna post bedroom photos with your madam, at least let it be cute, according them ….minist11


Source: 233prime.com

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