23 July 2017

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Unfettered Hypocrisy of Yvonne Nelson the Narcissist—As She Attacks Slay Queens and Suddenly Recognises the Long Existing Culture of Awarding of Mediocrity in Ghana


Yvonne Nelson promoting Ghana Movie Awards in 2015–before she called it a BIG JOKE the same year

Two years ago, I wrote an article titled ‘GHANA: Awarding Mediocrity & Calling It Excellence is the REASON Why We Are Where We Are Today” and in this article, I stated inter alia that;

“Since I started blogging, I have received countless emails and phone calls from people asking me to enter an award scheme or something of such nature and every time, no matter who makes the contact; I have declined to be part of it—and my reason is simple, I really don’t want to be part of an award scheme that would place me in a category with ‘some people’ I wouldn’t even consider as a competition.”

“Also, the grounds of nominations are mostly not set—which follows that the grounds of picking a winner will certainly be so even if they ‘cook’ the voters’ choice hogwash….”

“But the problem is; it works for some people and each day we see different award schemes being launched—and mostly being held on some high horse by a few hungry people who have been given some coins to become board members or those who want to win—once again, irrespective of whether they or their works merit the win.”http://www.activeghana.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1500837138_776_www.ghanacelebrities.com

“From Ghana Movie Awards to Ghana Music Awards to the many corporate and individual awards; are we really awarding excellence or mediocrity—because, our so called excellence hardly gets seen when thrown out there. We are making less and less impact in whatever we do, yet we continue to receive more and more awards for the less impact we struggle to make.”

Beyond the fact that those who institute these awards are purely looking to make profits, a new layer of idiocy has emerged in Ghana on the back of social media, which makes our celebrities more interested in these awards than ever before, even if they do not deserve them.

And this layer is; the ‘Slay Queens and Kings Syndrome.”

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A lot of Ghanaian entertainers are currently unemployed. To be frank, I can’t remember the last time I saw a great movie coming out of Ghana and yet, our movie stars continue to be awarded regularly—for doing what?

The Slay Queens and Kings are unemployed with their relevance tied to their Instagram activities. Therefore, these people wouldn’t let any opportunity to appear on a red carpet escape them—even if the carpet has been laid to celebrate the non-existing excellence of a dead movie industry.

It’s undisputed that the Ghana Movie Industry is dead—even the narcissistic Yvonne Nelson agrees.

But last night at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra, the annual Golden Movie Awards was held to celebrate and award our largely unemployed movie stars. What for?

Of course, that was an opportunity for the Slay Queens and Kings who are literally bored with their lives to dress and show up in glamour and pose for photos for Instagram and the blogs.

And also, it was for the organisers to cash in on their investment pipes, connecting their bank accounts to the pockets of their corporate sponsors.http://www.activeghana.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1500837138_776_www.ghanacelebrities.com

So it’s a win-win for the two key players; the unemployed movie stars get to wear their latest outfits for the camera and the organisers pretend to be awarding excellence when they are just giving weight to mediocrity.

Actress-Yvonne Nelson who has for many years been part of the Slay Queens’ scam was shockingly missing and suddenly, she seems to have had her eyes opened—to notice that, all the Slay Queens’ shenanigans her colleagues pulled last night was absolutely useless.

On a reasonable deduction, though Yvonne Nelson’s words perfectly capture the truth some of us have long been throwing out there, coming from her makes her seem like the bitter kid who was not invited to an annual party she always attended and therefore, calling it unworthy.


Yvonne Nelson blasts Ghana Movie Awards in 2015

Apart from Yvonne Nelson blasting her colleagues and organisers of the 2017 Golden Movie Awards by calling them out to channel their energy to resurrect the dead Ghana Movie Industry on twitter, she is known for doing this when she’s not at the centre of the party.

She blasted a rival award scheme, the Ghana Movie Awards in 2015 too–that was after she had taken promo shoots to promote the same award, earlier that year.


Yvonne Nelson promoting Ghana Movie Awards in 2015–before she called it a BIG JOKE the same year

In fact, she called the Ghana Movie Awards a big joke; and this is the same award she had participated in, attended and had accepted wins from. She disagreed with Beasts of No Nation’s nomination that year as she knew the movie would sweep all the awards (it actually happened) to the detriment of her own movie.

After her outburst in 2015, she still went on to participate in the 2016 version of the same award scheme. She was nominated in 2016, for Ghana Movie Awards’ Best Supporting Actress. She even went on to once again shoot promo photos (below) for the award scheme she had called a BIG JOKE the previous year.

If this is not the definition of a hypocrite, what else can be?

It’s true that the Ghana Movie Industry is dead and therefore the many award schemes out there awarding these unemployed actors is absurd, but Yvonne Nelson is part of the problem.


Yvonne Nelson promoting Ghana Movie Awards 2016—just a year after calling the award scheme a BIG JOKE


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