28 August 2017

Choirmaster Says He Doesn’t Pray To God Through Jesus But Through The God Of Music


Erstwhile member of the music group Praye, Eugene Baah, aka Choirmaster, says he prays to God but not through Jesus Christ as everyone else seems to do.

According to the artist, he prays through the ‘god of Music’ known as ‘Muses’.

Muses are the set of goddesses in ancient Greek folklore believed to be responsible for music, literature and other sciences and arts.

Choirmaster revealed on Happy Fm that whenever he prays through Muses his prayers are answered and thus he uses his name to pray instead of that of the Son of God.

“…I pray through the god of music called Muses. I’m not saying those praying Jesus or any other person are not doing the right thing. All I am saying is that when I pray to that god of music called Muses, my prayers are answered quickly.” he said.

He added; “Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to music but if I have to face God, I go through the god of music. From my experience, all the prayers I send through the god of muses are answered.”

Choirmaster’s position seems to have little theological backing as Jesus explicitly says in the Bible that noone comes to the father except through him. However, as it often is in matter of religion, it all comes down to personal interpretation of scriptures and Choirmaster has a different interpretation than others.

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