05 July 2017

Chinese second division referee and match officials attacked by furious fans after controversial draw at Baoding Rongda’s stadium

A CHINESE second-division club have been ordered to play a home match behind closed doors after FOUR match officials were attacked following a controversial draw.

Police are trying to discover who beat up the ref and his assistants after the power mysteriously went out  in their changing room at Baoding Rongda’s stadium.

The referee caused controversy in Baoding Rongda vs Wuhan Zall in the Chinese second division
The referee caused controversy during Baoding Rongda’s game agasint Wuhan Zall
Coaching staff and players tussled for two minutes as the Chinese Super League game turned into chaos
Oscar lies at the bottom of a mass brawl he started to land an eight-match ban
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In a new low for Chinese football, following Oscar’s eight-match ban and further suspensions for Andre Villas-Boas and Hulk.

Baoding Rongda, a club near Beijing, are at the bottom of China’s second tier and were angered when ref Huang Xiang added seven minutes of injury time, with them leading 2-1 against Wuhan Zall.

Home players and fans were further riled when Huang awarded Wuhan a debatable penalty in stoppage time and the visitors converted the spot-kick to snatch a draw.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) said Baoding players and staff angrily confronted Huang afterwards on the pitch.

The referee and his assistants had to be escorted off by security personnel as fans pelted them with debris, state-run newspaper The Beijing News said.

The CFA said: “At around 10:30 pm on that night, the power in the referees’ dressing room was suddenly cut off.

Andre Villas-Boas stuck up for SIPG Shanghai player Oscar
Andre Villas-Boas stuck up for his SIPG Shanghai player Oscar
PA:Press Association
Hulk has also suppoted his team-mate and fellow Brazilian
Hulk has also voiced support for his team-mate and fellow Brazilian
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“A dozen people rushed inside the referees’ room at around 11:10 pm and beat up the four officials.

“That resulted in injuries to the head, waist, leg and other parts.”

Police are helping the CFA identify who the attackers were, why the power was cut and why there was not enough security to protect the officials.

The CFA, who are investigating the performance of the officials, handed out a series of fines and punishments to Baoding, over what the association called a “malicious” incident.

The club were ordered to play a game behind closed doors and its Dutch head coach Johannes Bonfrere was banned from the bench for two matches for berating the ref.

Players from Shanighai and Guangzhou rust to confront each other around the felled Oscar
Players from Shanighai and Guangzhou rushed to confront each other
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Ex-Chelsea star Oscar involved in mass brawl while playing football for Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League

In the chaotic aftermath of the match Baoding chairman Meng Yongli burst into tears at a press conference, alleging his side had been cheated out of the win, and later said he was pulling the team out of the division.

Meng then quit as chairman and Baoding subsequently apologised, saying the club had no intention of leaving the league.

Meng has been handed a two-year nationwide stadium ban.

Ex-Chelsea star Oscar beautifully sets up goal for Hulk in Chinese Super League
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