03 February 2017

Chinese Nationals Hold New Year Festival In Ashanti


Chinese nationals doing businesses in Ghana have celebrated the 2017 New Year Festival to showcase Chinese culture both at the local and international levels.

This was also to afford the Chinese the opportunity to renew worthy relationship with the Ghanaian community as they move on with their businesses in the country.

The festival which took place at Anwiankwanta in the Bekwai Municipality and Obuasi in the Obuasi Municipaltiy of the Ashanti Region was characterised with drumming, dancing and floating to create awareness of “a rich Chinese culture” in Ghana.

The team also took dancing, drumming and related performances to other places beyond Ashanti Region where some Chinese nationals had been operating different businesses.

Speaking to the media in interview, a Delegate of the GuangXi Chamber of Commerce, Monica Wei, said the celebration of a new year festival was according to the Lunar Calendar in Chinese historical settings.

She said though in Ghana, as Chinese celebrated the festival, it was to symbolise “great power, dignity and auspiciousness”.

She said the festival was also to the Chinese an indication of “fertility, wisdom and authority” as they went about their businesses.


Relationship with the Ghanaian Community

Ms Wei noted that most Chinese had been in Ghana, particularly, in the Ashanti Region over the years for different businesses including mining, road construction, restaurant and hotel management.

She said though some were being seen as a threat to the Ghanaian community, majority of the Chinese had been good foreigners.

She however, called on the government of Ghana and its citizens to continue to maintain worthy relationships with Chinese nationals in the country as they brought investment and supported employment system of the nation.

The Director of Shengfa, a Chinese business firm at Obuasi, Peter Chen, lauded Ghana for being a peaceful country and accommodating to all foreigners including the Chinese.

He called on all the Chinese in the country to be law abiding so as foster good relationship with the Ghanaian community as they went about their daily business endeavours.

Source: Isaac Kwame Owusu/ email: isaackwameowusus@yahoo.com

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