14 September 2016

Chief Imam wages war on occultism

fadfafThe Chief Imam of Zurak mosque in Mamobi, Accra, has challenged Muslims to help rid themselves of the practice of occultism, describing the act as filthy and un-Islamic.

Shaikhn Zakaria Addo, in his Eid el Adha sermon at the Zurak mosque on Monday, said it is about time all well meaning Muslims rose up to educate the youth about how jinxed occultism is to society.

He tasked all Muslim landlords to ensure their houses are not rented to these spiritualist to be used to perpetuate their nefarious activities .

He urged Muslims to free the society from the spiritualist and advised those who patronised them to desist from the act as it has no bases in Islam
“It is about time every Muslim landlord showed concern about what is going in our society. Do not just give your rooms for rent to these “filthy” acts just for money. Occultism is forbidden (haraam) in Islam, he said.

“It is pathetic to have such acts practised an Islamic community. We have overlooked at the dangers these acts pose on us, on our children on our societies future.Today most of our zongo youth have idols hidden in their rooms.The inordinate taste for quick money has cluttered their minds.You have these oculist urging them on so they see no problem in engaging in sakawa, stealing and all that Islam has spoken against.”

He bemoaned the moral decadence that has swamped the real teachings of Islam in most Muslim societies, calling for the involvement of all to help curb build an Islamic-based society.

“We can’t remain in our comfort zones thinking it is somebody’s problem, once it falls within the society, we are all connected.The onus lies on all of us to fight these filthy practices.Let us show concern, he warned.

“We can’t keep quiet over it as Imams or preachers, we will definitely have to show our dislike for it.You as landlords and property owners can ensure they have no stay in this communities.They only succeed when you accept to accommodate them.”

The Muslim cleric wants Muslims to live according to the proper teachings of Islam with a reminder that death is just around the corner.

Occultism has gained root in Ghanaian societies with some operating in Islamic communities.

Most Muslims communities are rife with social vices with some youths involved in sakawa as the disturbing phenomenon is fast eating into the moral fibre of the Islamic Society.

The practice of occultism has gained acceptance among some of the youth, with the increasing involvement of students in the basic and tertiary institutions.

It hinges on the belief that there are hidden powers that can be tapped to enhance one’s fortunes in a turbulent world.

However, Islam teaches on the belief in one God to him all powers come from and hence forbids any act that involves spiritual sacrifices, abduction of babies and children for ritual purposes.

He said if the Islamic societies want to see prosperity, then it behoves all to sit up do away with acts that do not inure to the benefits of society, such as sakawa, bribery, prostitution, dealing in drugs and stealing and prostitution.



Source: ghanaguardian.com

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