09 August 2017

“Cheating And Adultery Are Wrong But They Are Not Criminalised’ – M.I Argues Homos*xuality Should Not Be A Crime


Nigerian singer M.I Abaga has stirred up a huge controversy with comments on the criminalisation of homos*xuality in his country.

M.I spoke in support of gay rights on a podcast, noting that the private s*xual orientation of grown men should not be his problem – and later defended that opinion on twitter after he received a barrage of criticism.

“It’s not my business what anybody does. And what I mean by that is it’s my privacy. Everybody has a right to their privacy.” M.I said on ‘Middle Ground’.

Having received significant bashing by Nigerians online for that opinion, M.I defended it further on twitter, noting that there are many things considered ‘wrong’ but which haven’t necessarily been made criminal.

“Cheating and adultery are wrong but they are not criminalized and no form of consensual adult expression of love should be [in] my opinion.” he wrote in one tweet.

In another, he added: “My thinking.. I was born straight. I would never want to be punished for who I am; because of this, I wouldn’t punish someone else for who they are.”

The comments, understandably, have not gone over too well with his countrymen – who are as anti-gay a group of people you’ll find on this planet.

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