27 July 2017

Charlotte Osei Thinks She’s A God – Says Hassan Ayariga


Hassan Ayariga

The Electoral Commission Chairperson, Charlotte Osei, thinks her position makes her a God who cannot be challenged, according to former APC flagbearer Hassan Ayariga.

The politician, who had a run-in with the EC boss before last year’s elections with the disqualification of his party, has resurfaced to criticise Osei since the recent brouhaha at the EC started.

Speaking on Kasapa Fm earlier today, Ayariga said he could not believe that the EC Chair was still at post considering the allegations being thrown at her. He added that her autocratic leadership style is what is causing so much trouble for her.

“I am so sad why Charlotte Osei is behaving that way,” Ayariga said on Anopa Kasapa. “Maybe the position she is occupying makes her think that she is a God. She feels she is untouchable which is wrong,”

“Under the leadership of Dr. Afari-Gyan, the country did not witness so much disdain, animosity and hatred among the Commissioners and some directors like what the public is witnessing today. Why is it that under Charlotte Osei we are witnessing this at the EC? Your staff are fighting you. Your deputies are fighting you, why?” Ayariga wondered.

According to the man known sometimes as ‘Ayarikof’ – Osei needs to be removed from her position for the good of the country.

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