22 July 2017

Charlotte Osei accuses her deputies of insubordination

Mrs Charlotte Osei, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, has escalated her tense relationship with her deputies in an explosive rejoinder released on Saturday.

The rejoinder, offering bullet by bullet explanation of the allegations raised against her by the “Concerns Staff” of the EC, consistently accused her two deputies – Amadu Sulley and Georgina Opoku Amankwah– of insubordination, that they do not come to work or report to work when they feel like and that they take leave at will or travel without telling her.

For instance, responding to the claim that she travels outside the country without informing her two deputies, she said: “The Chairperson does not report to the two deputies. These are deputies who constantly show insubordination, do not come to work or come to work when they feel like, go on leave and travel without the knowledge and approval of the Chairperson. They clearly do not respect their office or their role within the organisation. Corporate governance procedures are clearly disregarded in their operational behavior.
In the rejoinder, Charlotte Osei also tackled claims that she has brought irreversible disunity among commission members, saying she is on talking terms with everyone but says her deputies are not on talking terms with her.
“Mrs. Osei is on speaking terms with everyone at the Commission. The Deputy Chairpersons have chosen to be grossly insubordinate and rude and there is ample documented evidence to support this, she said.
She further accused them of threatening staff who have direct dealings with her as well as accusing them of implementing major administrative decisions without her knowledge.
She says, “Deputies take managerial decisions and implement same without the knowledge of the Chairperson; threaten staff that have direct dealings with the Chairperson; take their leave without the approval of the Chairperson and implement major administrative and operational decisions without the knowledge of the Chairperson.

“It would be helpful for our fictitious petitioners to provide evidence to the contrary. There is only a breakdown of the structures for maladministration and illegal financial dealings and not the administrative structures of the Commission as claimed by the fictitious petitioners.”

The EC boss, facing calls for impeachment, said in her responses that if she should be impeached for travelling outside the country without informing her deputies, then they should also be impeached “for all the times they have taken unauthorized leaves and travelled within and outside the jurisdiction, without the approval of the Chairperson.”


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