02 August 2017

Celebrity Big Brother’s Jordan Davies admits he wants to sleep with Helen Lederer, 62, as Chad Johnson requests the morning after pill

JORDAN Davies has admitted he has a huge crush on Helen Lederer in Celebrity Big Brother.

Speaking on the livestream after the main show, Jordan was talking about who he fancies in the Channel 5 reality show to Chad Johnson and Paul Danan when he admitted he wants to sleep with the 62-year-old Absolutely Fabulous actress.

Jordan Davies has admitted he wants to bed Helen Lederer

refer to caption.

Helen has yet to react to the news[/caption]

Asked whether he wanted to get with Helen in the house by Paul, he said: “I hope so, I really hope so.”

Then as Chad asked who he was talking about, Jordan shouted “Helen” to cover up as she was walking towards them.

He added to her to throw her off the scent: “Helen! I love you.”

Then the other boys gave him some advice with Paul telling him to “play it cool” with the actress, while Chad had a cheeky request for Big Brother.

The Bachelorette star asked: “Big Brother we need like eight morning after pills.”

Speaking to The Mirror before making his entrance tonight, he said: “From what I’ve seen there’s a lot of older birds going in. For me I like that, I like an older woman.

Three plotted to help Jordan seduce Helen

“For me they’re more mature and it turns me on a bit more because they’re older. I’m only 25, I’m not going to tell them how old I am because it might put them off. I just love an older bird me.”

As he entered the house, he couldn’t resist a flirt with host Emma Willis telling her: “You are stunning!” before it was revealed that he’s slept with 1,500 women.

If someone does take his fancy in the house, Jordan won’t be holding back from getting down and dirty under the sheets.

He said: “If you’ve seen Ibiza Weekender before you’ll see I never hold back.


Jordan Davies revealed he wants to hook up with an ‘older bird’ and then flirted with Emma Willis before going into the CBB house
Channel 5
Jordan has vowed not to talk about his ex-fiance Megan McKenna in the CBB house
Jordan has vowed not to talk about his ex-fiance Megan McKenna in the CBB house
Rex Features



Ibiza Weekender star Jordan Davies enters the Celebrity Big Brother house

“If I want to have sex in front of the cameras I would.

“At the end of the day if you’re not willing to do that because the cameras are there you’re not being yourself.

“If you want to have sex with someone – have sex with someone. That’s the whole point isn’t it?”

Jordan was also honest about his reasons for appearing on the Channel 5 reality show.

He said: “If anybody says they’re going in for the experience they’re lying to you. They’re going in to win it and make a lot of money. That’s the reason you’re going in for.

Jordan said he's only going on the show to make money
Jordan said he's only going on the show to make money

“You wouldn’t do it for free would you, you’re doing it because you’re getting a decent paycheck and you want to make a s***load of money.

“I’m not going to lie, If I get voted out I’m going to be p****d off and I’m going to be fuming because I want to win it, I’ve not come here to be second place I want to win it.”

Megan McKenna's ex Jordan Davies enters Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Meanwhile, Jordan also boasted that he would make the final and beat his ex-fiance Megan McKenna’s position when she appeared on the show in January 2016.

In his promo clip he said: “Me and my ex Megan McKenna, she f***ed me off to come in this Big Brother house and I’m going to last longer than she did so… unlucky!

He then admitted that he’s looking for love in the house saying: “If there’s a single girl, I’m going straight for her.”

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