08 August 2017

Celebrity Big Brother in live show blopper as same clip plays TWICE leaving Emma Willis red faced

CELEBRITY Big Brother host Emma Willis was left red faced during tonight’s live show after the same segment was played twice.

Following an advert break, the presenter said it was time to return to the house to see the latest action, but the same segment which aired prior to the break was once again shown.

Emma Willis was forced to say sorry after a live blopper
Channel 5

After a few seconds the clip was cut and returned to Emma who apologised and joked about the joys of live TV, she said: “Don’t you just love live TV when they put the wrong VT on. Sorry about that, I think you’ve already seen that bit, haven’t you?

“Would you like to see the one I was talking about? The straight talking advice from Marissa? Here it is…”



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